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Tumennast Erdenebold (Mongolia)

Tumennast Erdenebold (Mongolia) 사진1

Admission: 2012 Fall ITTP Master Program, 2014 Fall ITTP Ph.D Program, 2018 ~ 2019 KAIST GCORE & ITTP Post-Doc Project

Affiliation: AI and Big Data Department / Smart IT and Security Department, Woosong University

Position : Assistant Professor / Researcher


I strongly believe that ICT is shaping our Global world flattening, wherever we go, whatever we do, we don’t forget to spread our spirit received from “ITTP rainbow”colors toward others.

By Tumennast Erdenebold (Mongolia)

The Shining Rainbow: KAIST Global ITTP

As Mongolian, we have our own word called for Korea: Solongos (Солонгос, old script: ???????????). “Solongo” means rainbow if we add the letter “s” attached to the end, “Solongos” became “Rainbows”. Since Mongolians, we have called Korea as meaning to ‘Rainbows’ nation, I had a fantastic opportunity to study and live 7 years (2012~2019) of my life in one of the bright shining Rainbow named “KAIST ITTP Program” of “Solongos”. Thus, I would like to write my essay under a Rainbow color framework ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) to express and categorize my 7 different pilar colors of personal memories, academic and professional knowledge, and experiences in ITTP program.

RED: Academic life

ITTP Batch 14


ITTP Batch 16

I joined the ITTP family as a master’s program in ITTP Batch 14, Ph.D. in Batch 16. It was my great honor to receive all these degree programs funded by the Korean Government full scholarship. Moreover, I greatly appreciated that innovative course subjects conducted by ITTP are increased my academic and professional knowledge and experience a lot together with friends all around the world. Finally, I like to say certainly and proudly that our ITTP program is the best program to prepare next-generation IT leaders not only in Korea but also globally.


ORANGE: Collaboration and Networking

ITTP provided a wide range of opportunities for collaboration works through the Business Opportunity Creation Program (BOCP) with the purpose, I had good fortunes to coordinate several cooperation projects partnered with between two governments of Korea and Mongolia. For example, feasibility studies and master plans in M-Government, Smart Education, TOPCIT, IT audit, and CERT projects supported the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) mainly, as well as other agencies of the Korean Government. In addition, I made many wonderful colleagues and friends from all around the world who joined in KAIST ITTP program. Greetings for all ITTPian friends! ~ ^^

YELLOW: Cultural Exchanges

Multi-cultural events, the diversity of cultural programs, global mini united nations … these keywords are suitable for ITTP program. My first amazing planting tree donation with my embassy in Korea was held in the Global Garden in 2014, great to see and be proud of the Cherry blossom tree whenever I am revisiting the Munji campus. Korean Language, TOPIK Exam, Wife class, Cultural trip… Our great Prof. Chun Young Sik brought us many stunning cultural trips and events such as UNESCO trademark Bulkuksa, Gyeongju -Seokguram, Ulsan-Hyundai Factory visit, Jeonju Bibimbap eating & Hanbok wearing, Andong Mask making, festival, handmade ceramic mugs with hawk style, Rice Dok cake make,.. so on. All these unique cultural experiences are conducted by Prof. Chun, we never imagine Korean culture's wonderfulness without Prof. Chun's explain and teachings. Next, Taekwondo experience, finally we took black belts written our names with Certification from Korea Taekwondo Association. We thankfully say that all these efforts to increase our body, mind, spirit to a new level are organized by Master Jang. Finally, I tried to keep up to celebrate Mongolian Army’s day as a small community in March every year.

GREEN: Conferences and Workshops

There were various types of international conferences, workshops, forums, exhibitions, and events we have attended in Korea. Early morning at 6:00 am we must be ready at the Munji near Pyramid to get the bus, and every time Prof. Rho came out for checking and took photos together with us. Frankly saying, I was thinking it was his tough control of students, but later I understood his dedication for students that sacrifices his sleeping and resting time to devote us to a quality program. I believe some of us remain his word... “Sit belt, don’t hurt my body…”. Out of them, one of the events named “KAIST & SNU & NIA joint workshop 2015” has remained amazingly in my memory. We spend unforgettable remembrances together with sister program SNU ITPP mates that we worked hard by teams, but also enjoyed enough around in beautiful island Jeju.

BLUE: The GCC Cooperation

One of the practical experiences on innovation and technology transfer, I had a great chance to cooperate with the KAIST Global Commercialization Center (GCC), ETRI, industry, and other R&D centers on technology demand forecasts, and “Smart Farm Cooperation” pilot project with advanced technologies. However, success and failure case, both we experienced it does not depend on us, but a great lesson learned for me that global commercialization is not an easy task. Moreover, I am proud that the ITTP & GCC joint team how passionately, and successfully managed it on a Global scale. I truly appreciate to the former minister, Emeritus Prof. Choi, Prof. Rho, Prof. Park (GCC), Prof. Park (ETRI) for support and cooperation with Mongolia at the startup stage of the GCC.

INDIGO: Post-Doc Project

I experienced one year project named GCORE as a Post-Doc researcher in KAIST under the advisor of Prof. Rho. He enables me to fully manage this project by myself to explore futuristic technology Blockchain potential with R&D, papers, conferences, and various events held in countries the USA, United Kingdom, Thailand, Korea, and Mongolia. I was gratefully delighted that became his first Pos-Doc in ITTP. 


VIOLET: Personal Life

My personal life would highly attach with my lovely family, especially I really appreciate my dedicated wife Suvd-Erdene, who is managing the household operation behind my busy academic life. I have 3 cute boys Jacky, Ulzii and Sesol. The last two of them were born in Daejeon blessed by my MS and Ph.D. graduations each. My family was honored to request our last kid’s Korean name by Prof. Rho, that “Sesol” (Meaning Third Pine Tree in Korean).

Since 2019, I am working as Assistant Professor at “AI and Big Data” and “Smart IT and Security” departments of the Woosong University in another Rainbow ????. In addition, I strongly believe that ICT is shaping our Global world flattening, wherever we go, whatever we do, we don’t forget to spread our spirit received from “ITTP rainbow” colors toward others. Therefore, I am trying my best to educate and enlighten our next global generation experts through using my knowledge and experiences those gains from the “ITTP rainbow”.

Finally, I really appreciate the KAIST ITTP program for shining us with its own unique Rainbow light for global students, and we never forget their efforts of the ITTP administration office Prof. Rho, Prof. Chun, Master. Jang, Mr. Kim TaeKwon, all coordinators, and all staff. 고맙습니다~ 2021.11.11