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Hayder Mohammed Ali Mahdi Al-Bayati (Iraq)

Hayder Mohammed Ali Mahdi Al-Bayati (Iraq) 사진1

Admission: 2018 Spring ITTP Ph.D Program

Affiliation: Council of Ministries -> KAIST ITTP

Position: Director of Planning Sector -> Post Doctor

“I feel all these years have developed a new and robust version of me that is more sophisticated and motivated; the change gives me the power to extend my capabilities and skills. Unlimited goals and hopes push me to give more and look better.”

"My Milestone in Korea"



  1. Who am I? ("Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill)


My name is Hayder Albayati; I’m from IRAQ, which the ancients called Mesopotamia (The country between the two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates). IRAQ has an ancient history of 10.000 years and four famous civilizations (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian). IRAQ is a multi-cultures country, and most people are Muslims there; visiting IRAQ will give you a sense of Civilization, History, and Culture.  To know more about IRAQ, read this documentary: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Iraq).

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science, a Master of engineering in ICT convergence, and a Ph.D. in IT technology management. In 2021, I started my post-Doc position at KAIST as a researcher in Information Communication Technology (ICT). After a short while, I got accepted into a parallel scholarship called G-CORE in KAIST, which aims to lead a team for building innovative technology and service and be involved in R&D projects. My core research interest is in general ICT technologies, especially: Blockchain Technology, Business development, and Technology Transformation.


  1. Why Korea? ("If you genuinely want something, don't wait for it — teach yourself to be impatient." -Gurbaksh Chahal)

Since I got my bachelor's degree, I have been encouraged in busy working life for more than ten years. Even though I never stopped thinking about continuing my study and improving my skills. I participated in many pieces of training and got international certificates, but that doesn't satisfy me! In early 2015, I visited Korea for two weeks for an e-government development training course at Kookmin University / Seoul. At that time, I felt here was my desire, and Korea was the place the I wanted to be, here where I had to set my plans.

During that time, I discovered and was impressed with Korea from different perspectives; Culture, Development, and Environment.

Fortunately, the year after, I got accepted to study master's in ICT at Soongsil University; I was so lucky to learn the new technologies and how the modern world is developed. I got the most gratitude and knowledge when I joined KAIST / ITTP for my Ph.D.; At ITTP, I went further on real-life applications and discovered the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).


  1. Why ITTP? (“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa)

ITTP stands for (Information Telecommunication Technology Program), a scholarship from the Korean government to bring talented international people to KAIST for learning the most advanced technologies and preparing them to become future leaders in their countries. ITTP intends to enforce each student's leadership skills and knowledge and build a better version of you.

In ITTP, I got a mix of the multi-layer education system; academics, and industry. I got most knowledge from well-known and high-level professors that taught us how to expand our abilities and push our borders. From my experience, I believe ITTP can be the only program that provides this bunch of knowledge and information in one place; ITTP's vision built on understanding where we were and how the modern world is evolving, and what is the future expectation. Moreover, with my robust belief in ITTP, I became an influencer using my network to introduce ITTP and the study life in Korea. I did many invitations and support sessions showing how excellent higher education is. As a result, I helped to bring until now three Ph.D. students, and there will be more soon.


  1. The significant changes ("I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." -Thomas Jefferson)

I got my Ph.D. in August 2021, right after I got a post-Doc researcher position in KAIST/ITTP with a parallel program called G-CORE. Actually, at this moment I realized how much is important to keep developing yourself and never stop at one point. This new work shows me the tools that I was missing, opens my eyes to the real world, and gives me the confidence to explore ultimate possibilities and evolve my capabilities.

Now I’m working with my KAIST team (Noor Alistarbadi Ph.D. student, Jung sup Master student, Sana Kang Undergraduate, and Chun Yung Kim Undergraduate); An integrated project with B-brick blockchain company to develop a new solution for NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Becoming a leader of the team and building goals and plans wasn't an easy task, but with passion, I'm doing my best to achieve these goals.


  1. Achievements (“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." -Henry Ford)

During my stay in Korea, I achieved tremendous achievements; First of all, I got a Master's and a Ph.D. degree. I published two journal papers in SSCI Q1, two academic theses, joined two conferences in Korea, and published one issue paper. Also, I received the award of outstanding achievement in research 2020, the award for best master thesis in 2017, and winning the second prize of blockchain startup weekend in Seoul in 2018. Also, I got a black belt in taekwondo finished the whole eight courses (), and did the national exam.

On the Personal side, I feel all these years have developed a new and robust version of me that is more sophisticated and motivated; the change gives me the power to extend my capabilities and skills. Unlimited goals and hopes push me to give more and look better.


  1. Who inspired me? (“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -Anne Frank)

Most who inspired and support me are my Professes, all the time in Korea I was in touch with the best Professor in the academic field.  

  • Professor Rho the father of ITTP, he is my supervisor who has had a significant influence on my personal and professional life, he supported me a lot and I learned from him how to draw an intelligent plan for my life and what is the challenges that I need to overcome.


  • Professor Han is brilliant, unique, and innovative. With Professor Han, you feel you are in a strong team with a motivated plan. He always says," To infinity and beyond," which stands for unlimited scope and goals. Professor Han's support was tremendous to me; I can tell he is one of the influencers of my success in Korea.



  • Professor Chun, we called her our Korean mother. Professor Chun is a kind and sweetheart with a beautiful smile. She is strong and straight in her guidance; she helped us learn the Korean language and culture. We loved Korea because of her views and visions.


  • Professor Kim is my second supervisor; I worked with her during and after my study life at KAIST. In short sentences, I can say she is one of the best professors that I have met and worked with; she is the reason for my academic successes, and she helped and guided me with extensive support. Professor Kim is the bank of theoretical knowledge; I will never forget her positive impact on me.


  • Master Jang is the taekwondo master; he is the bridge between ethics, rules, and strength. He is one of the most famous taekwondo masters in Korea; he has a long history of teaching and supporting Korean taekwondo students. I liked him a lot; master Jan was a supportive father to me; he enjoyed interacting and talking with us and discussing our life in Korea.


  • ITTP Staff, during all the years at KAIST, I worked with many ITTP staff (Ms. Dayae, Mrs. EunYoung, Ms. Areum, Mrs. Sharon, Ms. Gyeongmi, Ms. Riah, and Ms. Jiwon); they were carefully selected with high skills and intelligence. All of us were witnesses and impressed by their exceptional help and support. They make our life in Korea and KAIST easier and better. I feel the sincerest respect and affection for them.

  • Best Moments ("The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller)
  • I will never forget all the memories and joyful moments in Korea, the most beautiful country I have ever visited. It is the country with the best environment and landscape; here, you will see the full four seasons; enjoying each one will make tremendous sense. I remember how with my friends we were planning in the spring season to move around to see the cherry blossom trees; it gives you the feeling that you are in heaven. Korea is called the peninsula because it sounded by seas from three sides, blessed with many beautiful beaches. In Busan, I loved the Haeundae beach and the sunset time.

    Furthermore, Korea has the most developed systems and services; I felt extra intelligent and capable because of the service quality and perfectness. Korean People are so kind and respectful; I never felt insecure in Korea; the life here is designed carefully to enhance human life and secure a peaceful future. Interestingly, the systems here are helpful and straightforward to use; the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), the internet service and speed, a complete package of energy systems, a high level of security, the health system, general architecture developments, attractions, and Parkes. Here I did the most adventures in my life, jumping from a 100m spring rope, Paragliding jump, Sea parachute, Hiking, Running marathons, Crazy waterpark, Caves, Museums, Dancing, and Riding horses.



  • Recommendations (“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller)
  • If I give a straightforward recommendation, you need to explore Korea and have the most fun here on your own; it is safe and easy, so give it a try. We all need to learn the Korean culture, language, and system to get advantages and enjoy life. You need basic language skills; interacting and socializing are very important. Don’t forget how to behave respectfully; in Korea, people have to respect each other, especially the elders. Use your time efficiently; work hard, and enjoy much (be Smart); life moves very fast in Korea, so invest your time intelligently. Taste Korean food and enjoy the variety of coffee options; here, people eat healthy food and drink coffee a lot. Exercise and relax; you need to be healthy, so don’t stop exercising and clear your mind. Weekends are essential to release all the weekday hard work, so enjoy it as much as possible. Travel around Korea; different cities give different senses and landscapes; you can use the train ATX to reach all cities faster and use the cruise to visit Jeju Island.